Invisalign Temecula Dentist

Invisalign Murrieta

Dr. Perry uses highly professional specialists for Invisalign Murrieta. He always makes sure he provides experienced dentists to take care of his patients. He recommends that only his most skilled dentists work with Invisalign and oral surgeries. Do you need Invisalign Murrieta? 

Rancho Dental uses a specially trained Orthodontists, Dr. Roy Mitamoto. Dr. Mitamoto attended Washington University School of Dentistry. He practices in Orange County, along with here at Rancho Dental. He will help you to choose the braces you want, whether it may be Invisalign or Traditional. 

Traditional Orthodontics:

These braces generally provide you with the quickest and most precise results. Clear braces will give you a less noticeable appearance. Both options feel the same and will provide you with the same results. 


An even less obvious method of straightening your teeth. You will be using a series of clear removable trays that straighten you teeth. Invisalign is not appropriate for every case. 

Invisalign Murrieta

Why is Invisalign Murrieta so great? 

  • Clear trays so it will give a less noticeable appearance, while still straightening your teeth.
  • Easily take it out to clean, sing, eat, play sports, etc.
  • Discomfort is minimal.