Are you experiencing tooth ache or even a tooth loss? If you are, Rancho Dental is here to help you. You may be in need of a implant, bridge, or crown. It’s totally understandable if you are not sure on which you may need or want. Rancho Dental is here to break them down.

Dental bridges is a fake tooth surrounding the missing tooth to be held in place. Usually the fake tooth is porcelain or plastic. This helps to imitate a natural looking tooth with the same color and shape. This is the more simple way to fix a broken or missing tooth. 

  An dental implant is a artificial tooth that is rooted into the jawbone with screws. The implant can hold a bridge or crown in place. This is a more complex procedure but is more long lasting. The tooth is usually made of a stronger material since it is rooted into the jawbone.   

   A crown is known as a dental cap. This means the crown caps the missing or brown tooth to restore it. The crown is usually bonded by dental cement. This type of procedure is usually for cavities or smaller broken teeth.

   No matter what procedure you need, whether it be a implant, bridge, or crown, Rancho Dental will give our very best service for you and the entire family. Call our Rancho Dental office today to book your appointment or for a free consultation. We are more than happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. We look forward to hearing from you.