To begin with, how does Rancho Dental provide Restorative Dentistry Temecula? First, of all, it is important to be familiar with what the word restorative means. It means to restore or bring back to an original state, in this case, good teeth. The name Restorative Dentistry Temecula is your “go-to” dental services for both young and old to keep your oral health in tip top shape. Since it is imperative that you need an educated individual to take care of your dental health, choose Dr. Perry. He has the utmost care for his patients. For example, services include a dentist who will diagnose, treat, and coordinate whatever dental care you may need, including dental implants. To add to this, if the Dentist does not specialize in a certain area of work, they will refer you to a dentist who does. This is especially important since your overall health is directly affects your bodily health. Where can you find the #1 Dental Implants Temecula? At Rancho Dental! Dr. Perry is the Temecula general dentist. In summary, the following are Restorative Dentistry Temecula procedures:

Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Sometimes, due to excessive wear, a history of chronic decay, bite problems or trauma, a person may need to have their whole mouth restored. Therefore this is a complex meticulous endeavor that Dr. Perry at Restorative Dentistry Temecula has been trained to perform. He has been designated as a distinguished mentor at the KOIS Center in Seattle, Washington. This prestigious continuing education center focuses on large complex cases. Dr. Perry has been well trained in diagnosis, treatment planning, and performing these rehabilitations. Moreover a mouth in bad shape can be esthetically rejuvenated to look and function like new.



When one grows older, teeth can begin falling out. On the other hand, it is very common for even younger people to face this problem. Consequently a person wants a way to replace the teeth and rehabilitate the chewing function is with full dentures. Since Dr. Perry has been trained in the Staub Denture technique to aid in his patients’ rehabilitative needs, you can trust him. Both Dr. Perry & Dr. Dan have an artistic eye that guides the arrangement of teeth so that they look youthful yet natural. Above all, they are experts at making the teeth blend into the face aesthetically.


Partial Dentures

“Partials” are an option offered by Restorative Dentistry Temecula. For example, when a person has lost teeth but still has some remaining. These appliances are supported by the remaining teeth or implants.

Metal clasps are traditionally present to hold the partial denture in. We now have the ability to make these clasps out of tooth colored material so they disappear!


Wisdom Teeth

Third molars, commonly referred to as wisdom teeth, are usually the last four of 32 teeth to erupt (surface) in the mouth. They generally make their appearance in late teens to early twenties. They come in after all your other teeth when you are older, hence the name “wisdom teeth”. These teeth are located at the back of the mouth (top and bottom), near the entrance to the throat.

Wisdom teeth may come in sideways, only partially, or become trapped (impacted), leading to pain, infection, and gum line and facial swelling. Consequently, if any of these conditions arise, it is important to have a thorough examination of the third molars. During the exam a Panoramic x-ray will be taken in order to evaluate the position of the wisdom teeth and determine if they need to be removed. If extraction is recommended, Dr. Perry or Dr. Dan will refer the patient to a local oral surgeon.


Root Canal Therapy

Finally, Restorative Dentistry Temecula explains the last procedure. A Root Canal is needed when the pulp of the tooth, that is the soft tissue within the tooth, becomes infected or inflamed. Deep decay, repeated dental procedures, defective crowns, trauma, or a crack or chip in the tooth can cause such an infection. If left untreated, serious pain or an abscess may result. Therefore, to prevent such problems, the damaged pulp is removed and the tooth is cleaned and disinfected. Lastly, a filling or crown is needed. However, the final product will look and feel like any other tooth. Dr. Perry and the Rancho Dental team will find out in you can benefit from root canal therapy.

To add to these benefits, we want you to come see us at Restorative Dentistry Temecula, so that we can provide you with cosmetic and restorative dentistry options!  Rancho Dental provides the best dental services. Also, Dr. Perry and his fine staff will help you find the right solution to any of your dental needs. Further, Temecula being so close to Murrieta, gives us the ability to be the Murrieta Cosmetic Dentist!  Additionally, Dr. Perry will discuss with you the best options to fit your needs.  Are there cost considerations? Yes. However, the best option is the option that makes you feel the best.

Restorative Dentistry Temecula has many options.  We will help you find the best option for you so that your smile shines in Restorative Dentistry Temecula! (Smile!) The most important aspect is that you have a healthy smile, with your gums and teeth all in fine condition.

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