Got Flossing Issues?

We all have healthy living goals, such as eating less sugar, getting more exercise, or perhaps getting more sleep. These are excellent goals, but your dentist hopes something else is on your list too. What is that? Flossing more! In fact, according to research by Delta Dental, some 20 percent of Americans do not floss. This means that only four of ten Americans are flossing daily.

Which one are you? We certainly hope you are one of the four out of ten that are flossing. On the other hand, you may very well be part of the 20 percent who are not flossing. After all, you are reading this blog! Maybe you keep meaning to floss but have run into one of the following common obstacles.

“My teeth are too close together”

This is a valid complaint since crowding in the mouth is very common. Consequently, your local store has some helpful options in their oral health care section. For example, various thicknesses and wax/non wax options are available. As you can see, close contacts between your teeth are not a reason to skimp on the floss.

“I forget”

Probably one of the most common excuses we hear. And it is exactly that, an excuse! Patients often say they brush often but for some reason forget the floss. Easy fix? Simply keep your floss right next to your tooth brush and paste. You may even find it helpful to floss before you brush so as to insure you get the job done.

“Flossing makes my gums bleed”

This is not uncommon, especially if you are new to flossing. Don’t sweat it! Just be consistent and it should subside within a week or two. In the meantime, be gentle when flossing. There is no need to “saw’ on your gums. Your goal is to glide it up and down on both sides of the teeth. In addition you do want to gently go beneath the gums, as you pull the floss around the bottom of the tooth.

“I don’t have enough time”

Easy peasy! Yes we are all busy. However there are activities we do during which we can also be flossing. First, do you watch TV? Simply floss as you watch your favorite show or as you watch the news. Second, do you ever sit in traffic? Try keeping the flossers in your car! As you are sitting in traffic, use your time wisely as you floss!

In conclusion, our goal here at Rancho Dental is to give you the smile you desire. Without a doubt, these tips will help you to get on the right track to that smile!