Get Your Child Excited For The Dentist

Children are terrified of the dentist and getting them in can be a huge task. But there are many things you as a parent can do to get your child excited for the dentist. Here are a few ways:

Leave out your own bad experiences

Sometimes your bad experiences at the dentist can instill the fear in them. Dentistry has changed in the last decade, so leaving those stories out can save your child a lot of fear.

Set their expectations.

The American Academy of General Dentistry suggests taking your child to the dentist when they get their first tooth.

Your child has to get used to the surroundings and sounds at the dentist. Make sure they always feel comfortable. It can seem scary, but you and the dentist can make it a fun experience. Make sure they know that they have nothing to worry about, they will eventually feel excited for it.

Reward them afterward

Sometimes children need rewards in order to repeat good behavior. Using this method for visiting the dentist can be beneficial. World of affirmation or a small reward are great for motivating the young ones. It can make them excited for the dentist!

Prevent future problems.

Make sure as a parent you are promoting good dental habits. Preventing cavities will make the trip good easier and less painful for your child. Having an oral hygiene routine is a good habit to instill into your child. This can make the excited for the dentist. 

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