No one wants the flu, and no one wants the Corona Virus.   Dental health is extremely important to our overall well being.   During this season of flu and virus, the best thing we can do is to wash hands often!  Do not touch our face.  Stay clean!  Dental health tips during this virus season?   Be sure to be extra careful if we chew gum, to wash hands before touching the gum!  Be sure to floss regularly as this keeps our gums and teeth clean regardless of the season.   Dental health, dental awareness is a preventative for many things.   Bad dental hygiene is proven to contribute to heart problems.    Seeing the dentist and hygienist on a regular (twice a year basis) is so important.  Do not delay if you have delayed.  Rancho Dental is here to help care for your dental health.    If we experience flu like symptoms, see your doctor.   We want the best during this time of virus, and call us for any questions or concerns regarding your dental health.  

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