Family Dentist in Temecula

Here at Rancho Dental, we open up our office to the entire family! Have you been looking for a family dentist with quality service? Do you live in Murrieta? Do you need a family dentist in Temecula? Rancho Dental is just minutes from your home. We are located in Temecula, off Rancho California Rd.

We Are A Family Team

The majority of our staff, have a family of their own, and their main goal is to give quality service while making your family feel comfortable. We have toys in our waiting room, to occupy the young ones. And for the rest of the family, we have magazines, TV, and relaxing music. Dr. Perry is definitely family oriented, having a family of his own.

Social Media Presence

Enjoy social media? Take a look on our social media web pages to see the happy and lovely smiles of some of our patients! Rancho Dental even holds raffles and prizes that you can win by asking our staff. 

A Dentist for Every Patient

Whether you are hoping to get a new set of dentures or need a cavity filled, we are here as the family dentist. If you prefer to do research online versus in person or over the telephone, we encourage you to visit our website


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