As we announced our dental office is back open for all appointments. Our clients health and safety is our top concern. We are making sure of preforming all the needed precautions to keep our dental office and dental rooms sanitized and safe.

    However our Rancho Dental team understands if some of our clients want to wait a little longer to book a appointment due to social distancing or financial reasons. With that said, if you have experienced a dental emergency, Rancho Dental highly recommends that you see our office to get the damage fixed. 

   Dental emergencies may include tooth pain or ache. Severe dental emergencies could be from accidents that could of resulted in broken teeth or loss of teeth. Prolonging fixing a dental injury can result in damage to your oral health and will make the healing process longer. 

   Rancho Dental doesn’t want our clients to be in pain or see any damages happen to our clients oral health. We want to help you in the best way we can. If you have any concerns or questions regarding our office or your personal dental needs, we are happy to take your call and provide the most assistance to you. Call our Rancho Dental office for a consultation today! Our phone line is open Monday-Friday. If you call before noon, we can get you in for a same day delivery.


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