Don’t Forget About Spring Cleaning!

Spring cleaning is coming up quick! In a month, kids will be out of school, beautiful flowers will be blooming, and spring cleaning is on its way. But does spring cleaning have to be just around the house? It is important to have a spring cleaning for your teeth as well. Here are a few tips for the healthy mouth part of spring cleaning!

  • Replace Old Toothbrushes

Sometimes we can get into routine and realize we haven’t changed our toothbrushes in months! But make sure to take a good look at your toothbrush. Is it worn out? Are the bristles out of place or ratty looking? These are all good questions to ask when deciding if you’re due for a new toothbrush. New bristles will work better for cleaning debris for both the teeth and gums. Start replacing the old ones with new ones! 


  • Toss Expired Mouthwash and Toothpaste

Sometimes we can forget that mouthwash and toothpaste expires! When mouthwash and toothpaste expires, the become less effective and can essentially develop an unfamiliar taste. Spring cleaning is great done to make sure all of your products are up to date! 


  • Schedule that Dentist Appointment

We always recommend patients to schedule a cleaning and check-up every 6 months. It may be time to schedule your spring cleaning. It may be time to take care of any problems or questions you have. Taking care of something before the problem progresses can prevent you from allowing issues to get pricier or more painful. A healthy mouth is what we want for you.

  • Keep the Floss Stocked

Flossing is essential for a healthy mouth. Keeping you floss handy is important for everyone. Put it in handy places so that your reminded daily to do so. Spring is a perfect time to get into the routine of healthy things. 

Spring has a way of renewing our goals. This means a new chance for you to get the smile you have always wanted. Contact Rancho Dental today to schedule an appointment!


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