Do You Want Braces?

   At Rancho Dental, we take pride in providing dental care for each member of the family and this includes helping you get a straight smile. Braces gives everyone the opportunity to have a confident smile, whether young or old. 

Quality Work

   Rancho Dental believes in using highly trained specialists. Instead of a general dentist dabbling in traditional orthodontics or Invisalign, we brought on a specially trained Orthodontist, Dr. Roy Miyamoto. He was trained at Washington University School of Dentistry. He can help you choose between traditional braces and Invisalign. 


Traditional Orthodontics

   Tradional Orthodontics often gives the quickest and most precise results. Instead of metal, clear braces can be used so that the braces are much less visible.



   This is a method of straightening teeth using a series of clear removable trays that align your teeth “invisibly.” Not every scenario is ideal for Invisalign, though many other issues can be fixed with Invisalign. 

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  A straighter smile for you or your family is not mere wishful thinking. We take pride in providing the best treatment possible. You can see this in the way our Orthodontist, Dr. Miyamoto, performs his treatment. If you prefer a less noticeable route, perhaps Invisalign is best for you. Either way we encourage you to set up a consultation! 


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