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Do I Need a Dental Implant?

   Often times when a tooth is extracted we need another tooth to replace it. In fact, if we fail to do this, it can result in problems for surrounding teeth. What are these problems and how can a dental implant help?

What is an Implant?

   A Dental Implant is made up of a metal post which replaces your missing tooth’s root. Just like a natural tooth, this post is inserted into the jaw bone, making it strong and stable. Further, attached to this post is what is called an abutment, over which a crown is placed. Instead of having a gaping hole, you now have a natural looking tooth!

Replace One or More Missing Teeth

   Do you have more than one tooth missing? No problem! Implants can even replace a whole mouth of teeth! Additionally, they can be used to support a single crown or removable denture. As is noted, there are many options to pick from. Dr. Perry & Dr. Dan are highly trained to help their patients choose which option is best for them.

Experience is Key

   At Rancho Dental we prefer to work in tandem with a highly trained oral surgeon who places the implants. Although many general dentists place their own implants, we place a high value on the surgical skills that our specialists have acquired. Many dentists agree that dental implants are the most reliable and cost effective way to replace missing teeth.

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