What are some dental services performed by your Temecula General Dentist? Your Temecula General Dentist offers services for both young and old to keep your family and friends oral health in tip top shape. Dr. Perry is the Temecula General Dentist that you want to put your oral health in the hands of! Meet him, he has a kind bedside manner and will not rush you in any decision.

All dental services Temecula at Rancho Dental are truly professional since Dr. Perry has received extensive training in a vast array of dental procedures. This enables him to provide plenty of different services to you and your family. Some examples of dental services Temecula are listed below:

-Cosmetic procedures

-Oral Surgery

-Crowns and bridges

-Oral Implants

-Dentures both partial and permanent

-Gum disease treatment



-Home Care Instruction

-Restorative care

-Root canal therapy


-Teeth cleanings

As the Temecula General Dentist, Dr. Perry will make sure your oral health is cared for in yearly, thorough general check-ups.

We are located in the parking lot adjacent to the Target shopping center on Rancho California Road, next to Peony’s. This area is passed by countless people and families of the public, right in the middle of Riverside! The office of your Temecula General Dentist is roomy and comfy. When you come in, you may not even think you are in a dental office…but more like a hotel or welcoming house!


Kids and older ones alike are enjoying the many benefits of Dr. Perry’s fine dental work. If you want a lovely smile, come in and visit the Temecula General Dentist! Even if you have a bad taste in your mouth from previous dental experiences, Rancho Dental will overcome any qualms you may have. The first hand experience and kindness of Dr. Perry are qualities that will draw you to our friendly office! Come in and meet us!