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What are Dentures?

Dentures are personalized sets of removable teeth. Did you know that there are full and partial dentures? If the condition of only a few teeth are poor, then you may be eligible for partial dentures. 

When a person looses some or all of their teeth, dentures are a solution to rehabilitate the person’s chewing function. Dr. Perry uses the successful and effecient Staub Denture technique. Both Dr. Perry & Dr. Dan are experts with an artistic eye and make sure your dentures look natural and aesthetically pleasing. 

What is the process for full dentures? 

An impression of your mouth is taken and then the dental laboratory makes your custom fit dentures. You receive a set of upper and lower dentures from the lab. The upper denture covers the gums and upper palate. The lower resembles the shape of a horse shoe, covering your gums but leaving space for your tongue. The dentures are covered in a flesh colored acrylic base to cover your gums.

What if I still have some of my teeth?

If not all of the teeth had to be removed then you may need a partial. This piece is supported by the remaining teeth. There has been much progress made over the years and now clasps that hold the apparatus in place are the same color as your teeth. No one will be able to tell that you are wearing false teeth.