Rancho Dental has been providing Dentistry Temecula for over 25 years! A good dental office, or any company for that matter, should be well rooted after many years of service to its surrounding area. This is true of Dentistry Temecula.

If you type in “Best Dentist Temecula” in Google, guess who pops up on the first page? Well Rancho Dental of coarse! Rancho Dental gives quality smiles to the people of Temecula, Wildomar, Lake Elsinore, Hemet, and the surrounding Riverside area. Such fine Dentistry Temecula service gets to be noticed sooner or later! Rancho Dental’s motto is “Give you the smile you desire and the dentistry you deserve”.

Dr. Perry and his team of professionals are committed to their patients and staying on the cutting edge of dental continuing education to provide the best care possible in family and cosmetic dentistry. At Dentistry Temecula the patients and their health take top priority.

This time of year, one’s dental care is on the minds of many. They see magazines with pictures of people with white, pretty teeth smiling in a summer setting. It is a constant reminder to go into their dentist and fix any problems they may have, or to simply get their regular check up.

Dentistry Temecula invites you to check out what sets us apart from other dental offices. Years of experience in treating patients of all ages is what the public looks for while finding a dentist. That is just what Dr. Perry has! His loyal patients will attest to his fine bedside manner as well!

While visiting, your oral health will be cared for by cleanings, exams, soft tissue and periodontal surveys. Dr. Perry will help you with advanced dental services such as implants and the best in aesthetic, cosmetic dental care.

What makes Rancho Dental unique is the kind and friendly environment. You will always be welcomed with a caring attitude by the staff. Many who are at first uneasy while at the dentist, slowly become relaxed here because of the easy going atmosphere. We made our dental office a homey environment so our patients feel at ease. Our patient’s best interests are always our number one priority along with honesty and trust. We are always trying to advance our skills because we feel responsibility to care for our patients. Our patients have entrusted their healthcare to us- we take that very seriously.

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