Is A Dental Implant Right For You?

Do you have any missing teeth? Perhaps due to an injury or other incident? If thats the case, a dental implant would be a perfect option!

What is a dental implant made out of? It is composed of medical grade titanium that is impacted into you jawbone through surgical methods. Then a crown is placed onto the implants. At the end you see a natural, beautiful tooth. So why choose a dental implant? Well, it is the most secure solution for replacing a missing tooth. Dentures are another option but keep in mind that they can be moved around whereas an implant is fixed in place. Usually an implant is more durable that a denture as well. 

Here at Rancho Dental we can schedule you an appointment for a dental implant to be inserted. Keep in mind surgery may be required. Our doctors are highly trained and work hard to ensure a smooth surgery. It may take 6 months but it is well worth the wait!

What Is The Process?

  1. A titanium screw is inserted into the jawbone.
  2. A permanent bond is then created between the implant and the jawbone. 
  3. Keep in mind that a temporary appliance will be worn while the jawbone and the implant post heals. 
  4. Once your mouth is healed, you will return to Rancho Dental for a custom crown to be placed on top of the implant. 

The healing process could take several weeks or months, depending on your mouth and how quickly it can heal. The end result is a beautiful looking tooth which will give you the best smile in town!

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