End of the year sweet tooth?  Lot of good food, and good treats!   A tummy full of candy or a mouth full of cavities? When eating candy, bacteria in your mouth mixes with candy to procure a acid that produces cavities. Don’t worry, we won’t ruin all the fun! Rancho Dental is here to help you know what candy can damage your oral health the least and the most to have a cavity free month! Or year!  So Smile big!  


Lets start with the most popular candy. Chocolate is actually going to be the best candy for your health. This is because it washes off your teeth better than other candy.  So important to brush twice a day, and for sure before you go to sleep!  Rancho Dental always helps teach best brushing habits!


Be careful of sticky candy since this candy will stick to your teeth and the bacteria on your teeth.


Since hard candy takes longer to eat, the sugar stays in the saliva longer and cause cavities faster.


Since these candy are coated in sugar, it can be very acidic and can do the most damage to your teeth.

Remember to have fun though! We found an experts advice on a 12 step program  to have a cavity free month and year! .  Rancho Dental offers services to fill the cavity at an affordable price. Book your appointment today!

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