Probably one of the number one questions we are asked? What is involved with cosmetic dentistry? Or is Dr. Perry a “Cosmetic Dentist?” The answer is yes to the latter, and what is involved with cosmetic dentistry is much more involved. Most people do not need cosmetic work. Cosmetic Dentistry could involve just teeth whitening improvements which most of us do want, and that is whiter teeth, but not too white! The proper shade of white is key, and we help you to determine what is best for your smile! That is most important to our office and to our doctors. Dr. Perry is a highly trained cosmetic dentist, and he will work with you to determine what is the best treatment option for you. . Dental implants and Dental Veneers are not complicated, but require that the proper diagnosis for you is done! We are happy to have Cosmetic Dentistry and to have Dr. Perry as our Cosemetic Dentist serving Temecula, Murrieta and surrounding cities in Riverside and San Diego Counties. Having a beautiful office and the best in dental services is what you will find here at Rancho Dental. Call or stop by today!