For all of you who live in or near Temecula: perhaps your kids are more inclined to go to a Children’s Dentist Temecula that is specifically for kids. This is understandable because the dentist can be a very scary place- even for adults! In addition to to bringing your kids to the dentist, you then have to take yourself to another regular dentist. This can make a dentist appointment for each family member take forever since you are going to more than one dentist. You need a Children’s Dentist Temecula that also does fine dental work for adults while catering to the needs of a kid. A Children’s Dentist Temecula where the children feel comfortable is at the top of every parent’s dental priorities.

At Rancho Dental we are happy to provide services for the entire family. We are your Children’s Dentist Temecula. While attending Children’s Dentist Temecula, you can be at ease knowing we are your one stop shop for all family members’ dental care.

Not only are we perfect for addressing every dental need of each family member, but Rancho Dental is local! Conveniently located in Temecula- the town right next to Murrieta, your drive to your Children’s Dentist Temecula will be minimal. We are right off of Rancho California Road.

Rancho Dental is your Children’s Dentist Temecula. Rancho Dental is a great family dentist. Rancho Dental makes it a goal to make sure that your experience is pleasant. Our décor, sitting areas, dental rooms, ect are designed to make sure everyone feels at home. Hate getting your teeth cleaned? Take your mind off of it by watching your favorite TV show during the process. TVs are attached to your chair! We have TV screens in every room with Direct TV. Your kids can watch their favorite cartoon show while getting their teeth cleaned. This is a great way to feel at ease while in the dentist chair.

What makes Rancho Dental a good family dental office?

Dr Perry and his staff have years of experience treating patients of all ages. They treat their patients with good common sense and uncommon kindness. They will treat you like family! Most everyone in our office has families of their own so they understand the needs of a family. This is Family Dentistry at its best! Your oral health is cared for by means of cleanings, exams, soft tissue and periodontal surveys. Dr. Perry will help you with more advanced dental services such as implants and the best in aesthetic, cosmetic dental care.

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