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National Dentist Day!

On March 6th you can celebrate National Dentist Day! Sound strange? Maybe you didn’t know there was a day designated for dentists around the country! It may sound weird to celebrate a job, especially since so many people fear going to the dentist. But thinking about everything your dentist does for you will show how much they deserve to be recognized. 

What Is National Dentist Day?

Becoming a dentist requires a lot of hard work and schooling. The first dentist ever was an Egyptian named Hesy Ra, who was thought to have lived and practiced dentistry in Egypt around 2600 BCE. Pierre Fuachard was a French surgeon, who was known as the “father of modern dentistry” but didn’t appear until 1723. Even though this profession is old, it has turned into an amazing career. Modern technology have developed new and improved ways to take care of teeth. 

Why Celebrate?

Any time you have tooth pain or discomfort, you just want the pain to go away! Your dentist helps you in these situations to relieve any pain or issues you may be having. They also make sure your teeth are healthy from the time you get your first tooth and on to the rest of your life. Don’t you think they deserve a bit of a commendation? 

How Can YOU Celebrate? 

Keeping your teeth clean and healthy will show appreciation for your dentist. Give your dentist a break by giving them a simple job at your next checkup. Taking good care of your teeth is a gift to yourself as well! If you want healthy teeth, it starts with making sure they are always clean. 

Celebrate by getting yourself a gift! One of the amazing gifts is teeth whitening kits or treatments. After a treatment, commend and show appreciation for your dentist. 

If you would like to celebrate National Dentist Day, don’t forget to schedule yourself an appointment this March 6th. Call Rancho Dental today to see if they can fit you in on this special day. 

Getting your dentist a little thank you card would be a kind gesture as well. They deserve a kind deed for their hard work!


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