Broken or Chipped Tooth?

Perhaps you took a tumble while playing sports. Or you were chewing something hard like candy or ice. Whatever caused your broken or chipped tooth, it may have been a nerve racking experience. But no fear! Rancho Dental is here! Although we undertake many procedures, we also repair damaged teeth often.

Depending on the severity of the broken or chipped tooth, you have quite a few solutions offered to you by Rancho dental. As you can see, three of these most common procedures we offer as well as a brief description of each, are listed below.

Dental Bonding

The procedure involves a tooth colored, resin composite material being sculpted onto your tooth, hardened with a special light, and polished for a natural look. Dr. Perry and his team will go over how to best improve your smile with dental bonding.


Dental veneers are thin layers of material, like porcelain, that are bonded to the surface of a tooth to change its color, size, shape, or length.

Furthermore, porcelain dental veneers are noted for their ability to resist stains as well and mimic the way a natural tooth reflects light. Resin veneers are thinner so less of the natural tooth is removed before replacement. Dr. Perry, along with his team, will go over what kind work best for your broken or chipped tooth.


Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are often recommended to protect a weak tooth from further damage. However, it can also be used to hold together a cracked tooth or restore a broken or worn down tooth. The crown provides a strong, solid replacement for the natural tooth because it is cemented in with a special glue. The crown is made in a lab to perfectly replicate the model made from impressions of the tooth. It will replace the original tooth, seamlessly blending in with the rest of your teeth. The Rancho Dental staff can help you make an informed decision about dental crowns.

Prevent the Break or Chip

On the other hand, maybe you fortunately have not damaged your teeth. In this case, you want to prevent the damage in the first place! How? Here are some tips:

  • Play sports? Get a mouth guard! Rancho Dental specializes in creating custom fit mouth guards.
  • Be extremely careful when eating certain things such as nuts, candies, and chips. Try your best to refrain from chewing on ice!
  • Especially if you are a grinder at night, think about getting a night guard. This will help to protect your teeth form becoming weak and worn down, therefore becoming susceptible to breakage or chipping.

To sum things up, there are many solutions for a broken or chipped tooth. If you are looking to prevent breakage or damage, then please follow the tips listed above! Contact us with any questions you have! The three solutions in this blog are not the only procedures we offer to fix a broken or chipped tooth.

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