Bi-Annual Cleanings: 4 Reasons Why It Is SO Important

It’s that time of year again…your dental office sends you the friendly reminder for your 6 month cleaning. However, you may feel that your oral health is already in tip top shape. After all, you ensure that you thoroughly brush and floss every single day. You reason that since you are not experiencing any pain or problems, you can skip one of your bi-annual cleanings.

If you feel this way, you are not alone. Many people wonder why dentists stress the importance of bi-annual cleanings. As you read below, you will see why having your bi-annual cleanings are critical to your oral health.

1. Professional Cleaning

Your friends at Rancho Dental enthusiastically commend you for keeping to your daily oral hygiene routine! Unfortunately, despite having even the best toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss around, you are simply not going to be able to get every nook and cranny. Of course, every individual is different, but in general, our mouth builds up quite a bit of hard to remove plaque in 6 months. Further, there are issues that you may not be noticeable to the untrained eye. This is where the professionals come in. The instruments and techniques used by the hygienist or Dentist can not only reach plaque and build up, but effectively remove it.

As you can read on our website, “Dr. Perry, Dr. Dan and their staff of registered Dental Hygienist’s will come up with a personalized cleaning plan to help our patients keep their teeth for a lifetime. This personalized cleaning plan is dependent upon the health of the gums and bone (periodontal health).

  • Prophylaxis:A cleaning for someone whose gums and bone levels are in good shape
  • Root Planing:Deeper cleanings often performed with anesthesia. This is performed on patients with compromised periodontal health (gum disease).
  • Recare Visits:Again, depending on the amount of periodontal disease (gum disease) present, a personal interval is determined. This interval can be every two, three, four, or six months.”

2.Save Money and Time.

Everyone loves some extra time and cash in their life. But you may be wondering how bi-annual cleanings can provide such things. Well, when you are up to date with your cleanings, your dentist and hygienist can spot early signs of cavities, periodontal disease, compromised restorations, ect. In doing so, they can save you from having to deal with both costly and time consuming treatments. Definitely worth the bi-annual cleanings! Wouldn’t you agree?

3.Prevent Serious Health Problems.

Additionally, your dentists and staff at Rancho Dental ensure your oral health care is thoroughly checked when you come in. Such things as oral cancer, jaw ailments, and decay are checked for. If such a simple problem as a cavity was left uncared for, the infection could eventually leak into your bloodstream with disastrous results. How much better to have bi-monthly oral care to prevent such serious problems! As a result, you will be protecting your overall health as well.

4.Maintain Dental Health.

Last but not least! We have already brought out the importance of your daily oral healthcare routine. However, having a consistent professional cleaning will give you further incentive to maintain that noteworthy routine. Your dentist can give you individualized tips that are essential to your dental health. Further, you will no doubt love that fresh clean, after the dentist feeling so much, that you will want to strive to keep it that way as long as possible.

Undeniably, keeping to your bi-annual cleanings, benefits you to a considerable degree. In closing, if you have any questions about bi-annual cleanings or would appreciate further information, please contact us at the information below.

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