Going to the dentist can be a negative experience but it doesn’t have to be at the Best Dentist Temecula. Start making going to the dentist a good experience by going to the Best Dentist Temecula- Rancho Dental. Familiarize yourself with us by looking through our website and start getting to know our staff under “Meet Dr. Perry & Team”.

Rancho Dental has been the Best Dentist Temecula for over 25 years! Dr. Perry and his team of professionals are committed to their patients and staying on the cutting edge of dental continuing education to provide the best care possible in family and cosmetic dentistry. Why can we be called the Best Dentist Temecula? Rancho Dental takes the needs of their patients and health of their patients seriously. They take top priority.

This time of year many are thinking about their dental care since it’s the middle of the year. Many have wisely resolved to get needed dental checkups every 6 months. Why not choose Rancho Dental this year and experience our superior service.

All in our office have much experience in treating patients of all ages. Your oral health will be cared for by cleanings, exams, soft tissue and periodontal surveys. Dr. Perry will help you with advanced dental services such as implants and the best in aesthetic, cosmetic dental care.

Something else that makes us the Best Dentist Temecula is our Thank-You Referral Program. If you tell a family member or friend about how awesome we are and if they book and keep their appointment, you will have your name entered in a raffle with a chance to will a $500 prize! You will also get a gift card to one of Dr. Perry’s favorite spots in town ie: coffee shops, the movies, a yogurt shop, ect. Yet another reason to come in and meet us!

What draws you to a specific location? Is it not often the warm and friendly environment that invites you? You will always be welcomed with a friendly and caring attitude at the Best Dentist Temecula. Many are uneasy while at the dentist office so we try to counteract that with a homey environment so our patients feel at ease. Our patient’s best interests are always our number one priority along with honesty and trust.

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