Bad Work Habits for Teeth

The majority of us have a common denominator – work! Yes, back to the grind come Monday. However, while we are hard at work, we may not realize how harsh we are being on our teeth day after day. Without realizing it, we may have adopted some bad work habits for teeth.

Teeth are not “Tools”

We have all been there…you can’t open a water bottle so you use the good ol’ built in incisors to twist it open. Or how about using our teeth to rip off that piece of tape? It may seem pretty convenient but in reality you are weakening enamel and greatly increasing your chances of a cracked tooth. Definitely a bad work habit for teeth. Therefore, ask for help with the bottle and find some scissors for the tape!

Pen or Pencil Bitting

A good way to tell how stressed someone is, is to look at their pens and pencils. If they have bite marks, it may be a tell tale sign of stress. Unfortunately, this wreaks havoc on your teeth and chips away at enamel. Unfortunately, toothaches and fractures may be just around the corner if this habit is continued. Instead, drop this bad work habit for teeth and find some celery or carrot sticks to chew on. You may even like to try a stress ball!

Smoke Breaks

Many people smoke on thier work breaks. Smoking cigarettes or e-cigarettes is one of the worst habits you can have for your teeth! Aside from the obvious health risks like lung cancer, smoking ups the risk of oral cancer, tooth loss, gum disease and tooth decay. Many do not realize how helpful their dentist is in helping patients to quite smoking. Ask your doctor for help!

As you can see, all of these are bad work habits for teeth. However, now you know! In summary, tske these tips to heart and replace bad habits with good ones!