Amazing Dental Implants Temecula

We are your Amazing Dental Implants Temecula. Years and years ago, if someone lost a tooth, they sadly had to suffer without it. On the other hand, they had the option to use a set of horrendous wooden teeth to do the job. To sum up old age dentistry techniques, one might use the words ancient, painful, or unsightly! But we live in modern times now! As a matter of fact, the world’s dentistry has developed state of the art dental services that fix dental problems in an esthetic and often times, painless manner.

Why Amazing Dental Implants Temecula? For one thing, the tools and technique that go into a dental implant is amazing. Not to mention how real it looks in your mouth.

First, one must have broken or unhealthy teeth that need to be replaced. Then, the bone where the implant is going needs to be prepped. Once this area is healed, the implant is inserted into the bone. The implant replaces the tooth root. The healing process for this takes several months. Finally, an abutment and crown is placed. In the end, your smile looks and feels natural!

Problem Teeth

Do you struggle with missing teeth or teeth that are unsightly due to gum disease or damage? These are problems Dr. Perry deals with on a regular basis.  Instead of wooden teeth, Dr. Perry prescribes strong, natural looking replacement teeth made out of porcelain.

At Amazing Dental Implants Temecula, the restorative treatments you will experience are highly dependable in everyday life. This is due to a powerful device called an implant, which is anchored to your jawbone. Dr. Perry at Rancho Dental, the Dental Implants Temecula provider, gives only quality dental implants for Temecula patients.

Although we may hear the term dental implants fairly often, you may still wonder, what exactly are Dental Implants?
What does the procedure involve?

First and foremost, a plan needs to be created. The team of professionals at Rancho Dental will plan out your personal needs and decide the order in which to proceed, making sure the plan is coordinated in an organized manner.

Next, a titanium metal post is implanted to replace the original tooth’s root. Although it is not actually part of your body, the implant will seem like it really is part a natural body part because your jawbone will grow around the implant. Hence, this allows the implanted metal post to become secure. This will take approximately 6 to 12 weeks.

However, frequent check-ups are needed during this time to ensure the mouth is responding well to the implant. In any event, the time will fly!
The Final Processes

Once this process is complete, the replacement tooth will need something to connect to the implant with. This is where a small connector post called an abutment comes in.

Last but certainly not least, the dentist makes a replacement tooth, called a crown, and then attaches this to the abutment. Much care is taken in this process, including the taking of a mold of your teeth and the matching of the color to the rest of your teeth. Dental Implants Temecula ensures this is done in order to ensure your replacement teeth look and feel very natural and comfortable.

If you were to go to our website, many explanations are available regarding our many procedures. Therefore you will find it easy to do your own research. For example, below is the explanation on our website of an implant:


Implants can be used to replace a single tooth or a mouth full of teeth. They can be used to support a single crown or removable denture. The options are endless! Dr. Perry & Dr. Dan are highly trained to help their patients choose which option is best for them.

At Rancho Dental we prefer to work in tandem with a highly trained oral surgeon who places the implants. Many general dentists place their own implants, but we place a high value on the surgical skills that our specialists have acquired.

Rancho Dental Staff

The team at Rancho Dental your Dental Implants Temecula is highly trained in dental implants. Dr. Perry ensures that his Dental Implants Temecula, Corona, Riverside, San Bernadino, Hemet, San Jacinto, Murrieta and patients in other surrounding counties are done properly.

Here are some reasons why you can trust Dr. Perry at Amazing Dental Implants Temecula:

First- Dr. Perry is committed to his patients. He stays on the cutting edge of Dental Continuing Education in order to provide the best care possible in family and cosmetic dentistry.

Second- Dr. Perry donates his time to the Temecula Assistance League Smile Program, providing dental treatment to under-privileged children. As you can see, he is kind and heartfelt in his work.
Third- Dr. Perry is married and has three children: Danielle, Nicole, and Mason.  He and his wife Kevyn have been married since 1985.  He therefore is family oriented and will provide your family with the utmost care.

To add to this, a fun fact about Dr. Perry: In his spare time he enjoys golf and water sports!