5 Foods That Can Whiten Your Teeth

   Let’s face it- we all love food! Better yet, we love food that improves how we feel and look. Interestingly, certain foods can also help to clean and whiten your teeth. Find out the 5 foods that can whiten your teeth.

  • Broccoli:

A nutritional powerhouse, broccoli is great for you inside and out. When you chew this veggie raw, the crunchy florets act as a natural tooth brush. In addition, broccoli is full of iron, a mineral that can ward off stains, bacteria, and acids which can cause erosion on enamel.

  • Oranges:

Perhaps you are surprised to see this one on a list of foods that can whiten your teeth. After all, oranges are known to contain high levels of sugar this citrus contains. You are right! It is not the flesh of the orange but the skin that can benefit your teeth. Next time you have an orange, don’t throw the peel away. Instead, rub the peel’s inner white portion against your teeth to stave off tartar and plaque. This will also help neutralize decay causing acid in the mouth.

  • Strawberries:

Have you heard about the strawberry baking soda paste craze for teeth whitening? It actually works, thanks to the malic acid contained in this berry. However, strawberries contain sugar, so make sure to thoroughly brush your teeth after this whitening routine!

  • Nuts and Seeds:

Think of these as natural tooth exfoliants! Next time you enjoy some nuts and seeds, be happy knowing the abrasive texture of these snacks are helping to clean your teeth.

  • Onions:

We didn’t say anything about breath freshening for this one! However, onions contain a compound that is called sulfur, which is known to discourage plaque from forming on teeth. Unfortunately this is only present when the onion is raw…but who doesn’t enjoy a little crunch on their burger?

As you can see, foods that can whiten your teeth are very common. You may even have all of these in your kitchen right now! Give these a try and see for yourself how fruits and veggies can benefit your oral health.