4 Tips for Braces Care

You want straight teeth so you get braces. But having braces shouldn’t mean you have unhealthy teeth. You can succeed at braces care! Granted, taking care of your teeth is harder with metal brackets and wires on them. However, with just a little extra care, you can keep the healthy smile you desire. Take a look at the 4 tips below for some help along the way!

1. Brush with Care

When you eat, food inevitably gets caught in those braces. In spite of this, you need to remove the food particles. A good tooth brush is vital for braces care. Try your best to brush after each meal. For example, some people with braces carry a toothbrush with them so they can easily brush their teeth after meals while out. While brushing, be careful to brush around each bracket and remove the debris from between the teeth.

2. Use Interproximal Brushes

Although you brush carefully with your toothbrush, you may not be able to remove all the build-up or food particles between your teeth. Hence, this is where an interproximal brush comes in handy. Not only are they the perfect size to go between the wire and your teeth but they are cheap!

3. Floss Every Day!

Don’t forget to floss. Especially with braces care, you want to be flossing every single day. Before bacteria or plaque builds up under the gums, you want to use floss to remove it. Is it hard to floss with braces? Try using a floss threader with regular floss or buy special stiff-tipped floss made especially for braces wearers.

4. Don’t Skip Your Appointments

Be consistent with follow up appointments with your orthodontist. Since your follow up appointments involve an adjustment, it is very important to not skip appointments. If you do, the length of time you have to wear braces will likely increase. Additionally, you need to make sure you are having your 6 month check-up and cleanings with your regular dentist.


In conclusion, remember that the better you are for your teeth with braces now, the better your teeth will look once the braces are removed. Happy braces care!