3 tooth happy foods

3 Tooth-Happy Foods

   We are always hearing of foods that are damaging to our teeth. Warnings about these foods are helpful! Correspondingly, it is helpful to focus on tooth-happy foods! Which of the following tooth happy foods can you add to your diet?


Three of the Many Tooth-Happy Foods


  • Leafy-Greens: We are no stranger to hearing about the benefits of leafy greens. In addition to benefiting our physical health, they add to our oral health. Anything high in calcium is a boost for our tooth’s enamel and leafy greens excel in this department. Think about adding kale or spinach to smoothies, salads, and smoothies!
  • Almonds: Fortunately, as one of these tooth happy foods, almonds are a super easy addition to a stir-fry or a snack pack. Thanks to the high content of calcium and protein, almonds strengthen your tooth’s enamel as well! On the other hand, remember to chew this hard food carefully to protect your teeth!
  • Yogurt: If you are a yogurt fan, you can enjoy this treat even more! Yogurt offers a good amount of probiotics or good bacteria which helps to eliminate the bad bacteria lurking in and around your gums. Just remember to choose a plain variety of yogurt to avoid a high sugar content.


Tips For a Healthy Diet

  • Foods high in sugar cause tooth decay. If these tend to be a staple in your diet, try limiting their consumption to an only a once in a while treat.
  • Balance is key! Add a variety of fresh foods to your diet to incorporate tooth happy foods that are fun and tasty.

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