2021 is here, and we take this opportunity  to remind ALL, that we will continue to provide the safest office during the pandemic.  Our health is your health, and your health is our health!  We all know that we are one big community, and we share good things and sometimes we share bad things, like the virus. However, dental health is extremely important and cannot be prolonged, as our teeth and gums need routine checkups.  We look for gum disease, mouth cancers, and that our teeth are not only  clean, yet strong and stable.  Health issues can arise and do arise when poor dental hygiene exits.   We want all in our community and surrounding cities for whom we care for to continue to have the best dental health.   Our Doctors and Staff value all of the safety protocols that exist, and we are thankful for them!   Call us for any questions on your dental needs and even if it is to just talk!  We are here for you!  2021 for Temecula Rancho Dental will be a great year!

Call us today or send us an email as well!  [email protected]    951-699-4746


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